Serge Ossorguine

Serge Ossorguine

Serge Ossorguine is an audio engineer who creates sound content and technology infrastructure using a fundamental aesthetic principal derived from training as a musician:

"An instrument must be in tune and be easy to play, and then practice, practice, practice." 

His multi-faceted career includes theater sound design (Broadway and off-Broadway), computer programming, producing and recording music, studio design, television mixing, film, sound effects and mixing for broadcast and theatrical release, film scoring, and game audio design and authoring.

A two-time Emmy Award winner for his work while staff audio artist at ABC News and ABC Daytime (1995, 1997), for post-production audio mixing and sound effects. He also has won a Telly Award (2016). 

Best Sound Effects Artist - Daytime 1995             Best Audio Mixing Documentary - Primetime 1997

Best Sound Effects Artist - Daytime 1995             Best Audio Mixing Documentary - Primetime 1997

INSTALLATIONS  - Architect consultations and management of A/V and acoustics installations applies his expertise in system design and ergonomics to commercial, residential and house-of-worship projects. Acoustics measurement sessions for architects provides data and strategy that creates spaces with acoustics that are appropriate for their use, with recommendations on materials and placement for optimal acoustic conditions. 


Broadcast Networks...

HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, A&E, USA, VH-1, MTV, MSG, SPIKE, EPIX, Time-Warner, Speed Channel, National Geographic, Silent Crow Arts, MaggieVision, SNY, American Hotrod Foundation, and many others. 

Ad Agencies...

Grey, King World, Hudson Rouge, Darling, M3, Fly Communications, The Joey Company, Texan Plus.

Proud to have worked with Engineers/Composers/Musicians:

Chuck D, Erykah Badu, John Legend, Chris Robertson, Phil Galitzine, Peter McPartland, Greg Garvey, Eric Hopper, John Plenge, Paul Maraio, Dave Smith, Jared Scharff, Mariana Bell, Robin Freeman, Nick Reeves, Ray Davies, Jonathan Dove, John Kilgore, Des MacAnuff, Michael Roth, Gary Fagin, Lannyl Stephens, Steve Krauss, George Meyer, Ashley Howe.