Sunday April 30, 2017 - Starngers on the Earth, mixed at Serge Audio, has secured Canadian distribution and is now showing in Toronto. It just got a great review in the Globe and Mail.

April 2017 - Moving a studio is hard, especially one that has been in one place for as long as Serge Audio was at 260 5th Avenue (12 years).  The last three months have been quite a balancing challenge; reinstalling systems, installing new ones, working on acoustics, interior design and furniture, and at the same time having sessions, marketing to new clients and keeping established ones happy. I have had to be on my toes the whole time. I am very grateful to my new roommates Bill Sigmund of Digital island, and Duke Markos of Duke Markos recording, who both have been extraordinarily helpful and welcoming to Serge Audio.

 January 2017 - Serge Audio has moved to a new location a few blocks away. We are now located at 71 W. 23rd St. Suite #504, where we join Digital Island and Duke Marcos Recording in a suite in the Masonic Hall Building. 



Fall 2015 - Bidding on the voice recording of children's cartoon series.  Waiting area entertainment upgrade plans will be fun.

Memorial Day 2015 - Driving America, a documentary on the history of the American automobile, aired National Geographic Channel.  Sound designed and mixed at Serge Audio.

March 19, 2015 - NY Times gives great review of Please Be Normal, an independent film mixed and sound designed at Serge Audio.

...This is a new website. Our history goes back to 4/2002, in Soho.